Number of Colors : 2+0/1+1 4+0/3+1/2+2 6+0/5+1/4+2/3+3
Printing Length : 250 - 900
Printing Width : 800
Main Roller Width : 800
Main Motor Power : 7.5 KW
Printing Speed : Min 20M / dk Max 300M / dk

  • ERYILDIZ Company's FLEXO PRINTING MACHINES; represent an integrated system providing the possibility of full accuracy printing, whereby their operation is fairly easy.
  • It has a motor drive system which is enabling anilox lined rollers to operate independently from the machine.
  • With the motor system is the ink viscosity in ink container measured by circulation pumps and tuned to a fixed value, so that the printing proceeds with a constant color pressure grade. There shall be no color shade differences.
  • The printing machine has a system which separates anilox automatically from the cliche rollers after the printing process is completed.
  • Simultaneous printing on 1 front and on 1 back side or on both 2 front sides by 2 color machines; on 2 front and on 2 back sides, on 3 front sides and on 1 back side and on all 4 front sides by 4 color machines; on 3 front sides and 3 back sides, on 4 front sides and 2 back sides, on 5 front sides and 1 back side and on all 6 front sides by 6 color machines is provided...
  • By placing On / Off buttons on 3 different locations of the machine is a high level control possibility provided.
  • The machine operates full automatic. Tension control pliers (piyens) and servo motor control system are available to adjust the looseness and tension control of the film during wrapping and unwrapping.
  • The majority of the electrical systems in use are makes of MOELLER, SIEMENS or TELEMACHANIQUE.
  • Printing is possible on typing copy paper (onionskin paper), metallic paper, cellophane paper, on PP, HDPE, LDPE, CCP, PVC and BOPP surfaced print material, on parchment, on Hessian and nacreous surface.
  • The maximum printing speed capacity of the machine is 300 meters per minute. However, in accordance with the film type in use the speed of the machine can change.
  • In our company we produce Flexo Printing Machines in different dimensions.
  • The aim of our company is to provide always best service and quality.

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